An Innovative Temporary Solar Surveillance Unit

Security2Go Base Unit Deployed


Security2Go did not evolve quickly. Decades of security industry experience left us with crucial questions to answer:

Do security costs outweigh a certain level of exposure to both your assets and/or remote environments?

Our findings lead us to create a cost-effective solution that allows you to address those challenges. Our investment in local employees for US manufacturing with quality materials, cutting-edge technology sets our product apart from others.

Resolving the issues we have heard numerous times throughout the years. Providing you the solution you have been looking for.

Security2 Go resolves challenges with:

  • Expensive infrastructure costs.  
  • Contains emerging threats.
  • Poor quality footage.

Providing a Solution that is:

  • High-quality technology.
  • Easy-to-use equipment.
  • Temporary or long-term customizable solutions.
  • Environmental friendly. 

Security in the most remote locations; when and where you need it. 


We complete all units by hand: from cutting to welding to completion. With us, craftsmanship is not a lost art- it is something we do every day.

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West Palm Beach, FL 33411


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