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Eco friendly Solar Powered CCTV Solutions

Monitor and protect from anywhere with Security2Go’s practical and economical self-contained solar mobile center that uses solar power, combined with sophisticated surveillance technology, and the convenience of customized mobile units to meet your needs.

Quality & Experience in Every Detail

Security 2 GO are the leaders in the manufacturing and innovation of eco-friendly CCTV solutions. As established security experts with many years in the industry, we pride ourselves on our commitment to each and every client.

We provide honest and realistic advice on how we can enhance your current security system, designing bespoke CCTV systems for all our clients.

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Security 2 Go combines technology with experienced surveillance operators to provide a site security option that is more effective and significantly less costly than the traditional guard services.

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Customized Design

Solar Mobile Security Center is 4G and WIFI enabled and offers Bi-directional Audio. Custom-built surveillance setup for optimal coverage allows you to choose from a combination of Thermal, 360-Degree, HD, 4K or LPR Cameras.

24/7 Enhanced Monitoring

With a 24-hour Remote Monitoring Station, our monitoring operators provide services around the clock, 365 days a year, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your site is always protected.

Remote Monitoring

In addition to our Enhanced Monitoring services, our complete CCTV solutions allow you to access a live feed of your cameras directly from your smartphone or tablet.

Installation, Monitoring and Maintenance in a Single Solution

Solar Mobile Security Center comes complete with all the devices installed in one unit, proudly made in America. Equipped with reliable Solar Panels and Battery Backup, the SMSC uses solar energy for a smaller environmental footprint.

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Keeping your sites secure with the most advanced optics in the industry.

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